Premium Baths & Cage-Free Drying




    Skin & Fur Examination Before Each Groom


  • Groom Your Pooch Like A Star

    Planet Pooch is proud to offer our guest pooches premium grooming from our on-site grooming service, Hair of the Dog™. Our talented groomers bathe, clip, and groom each pooch with exacting care. Your dog gets positively pampered with careful monitoring of skin and coat condition; receiving only the appropriate shampoos and conditioners. When you check-out your clean canine after daycare, you’ll love their new haircut.

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    Personalized Groom & Wash

    If your dog requires prescription medicated shampoo or conditioner, bring it in and we’ll gladly use it on your pooch.


    We fully service all breeds and offer a number of clips. Let us know the look you love and we’ll make your dog match.

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    Premium Bath

    All baths include:

    • 2 shampoos
    • Premium conditioners specific to coat type and skin condition
    • Hand drying with AirForce drying
    • Nail trim, ear cleaning, and expressing anal glands (if needed)
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    Safe, AirForce Drying

    For the safety of your dog, we NEVER do cage-drying. That means big benefits for your pooch:

    • Easily assess skin condition

    • Beautiful coat finish

    • Easier to clip

    • Decrease dematting

    • Painless and no overheating

  • Daycare + Groom

    Sleepover + Groom or

    Grooming Only

    Grooming is available with every daycare stay, but we still require a friendliness evaluation before admitting pooches to daycare. Fill out an application to get started, then when you make a reservation, simply add the grooming option. You may also call us at (650) 364-7792 to add grooming and get questions answered.

  • Conveniently Located, with Live Webcams

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    Just 5 minutes off 101

    • 27,000 square feet of usable play space
    • 275 gallon pool
    • Outdoor activity area
    • Climate controlled
    • Full grooming salon
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    Watch Your Pooch Live On Webcam

    Watch your pooch playfully bound about using our live webcams. Occasionally, we move packs to different rooms, so if you don't see your pooch in his or her regular room, check out the other rooms too.

  • Customer Center

    If you're a current customer of Planet Pooch and your pooch has already passed a friendliness evaluation, you can use these shortcuts to access Planet Pooch services. Otherwise, please Apply Now above.

  • Join Our Extended Universe

    When we’re not cuddling or giving generous pets to your adorable pooch, we enjoy interacting with you, hearing your stories, and showing off our new canine guests as they bound around Planet Pooch.

    Check us out on Twitter or Flickr.